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Broadcast Guidelines & Standards

Actors Channel TV is designed to help up & coming actors and actresses gain exposure for their talent.  In order to broadcast your reel on the channel, please make note of a couple of important things: 

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It is recommended that your video has a slate, with your name and contact information, so that agents, managers and producers will know how to reach you if they like your work.  Your slate, however, must not include a phone number.  If it does, it may be removed by Roku and Amazon Fire TV. 


Also, your slate can only be on the screen for no more than 5 seconds at the beginning of your video, and no more than 10 seconds at the end of your video.


Therefore, all videos that appear on Actors Channel TV that have a slate, can only have the following:

the actor's name, the actor's website address, your agent or manager's name and their website address.  

If your video reel has been approved for broadcast, but contains a slate with any of the forbidden info, please make a copy of your reel with a new slate that meets the broadcast guidelines.  If you are unable to edit it yourself and you need us to edit it for you, "Click Here". 

Editing cost: $35, includes inserting a slate with your name and photo at the beginning and a slate with your photo, along with your proper contact info, at the end. 

"Hey,  you %@&#*!"

Offensive Content

Due to our broadcast agreement with Roku, all content shown on Actors Channel TV, Independent Movie Channel and Comedy Network, must be as family-friendly as possible, with absolutely no nudity, no extreme violence and very minimal useage of "4-letter words".  If your video was accepted for broadcast on Actors Channels TV, but contains content that some viewers may find offensive, it will need to be removed or "beeped out" before your video can air. You are welcome to edit your video yourself, there are a number of editing programs on the market for you to use to do that (and in this era of self-tapes, etc., we advise you to learn how to edit your reels yourself, if you don't already know how to).  You can make the editing changes yourself and then resubmit your video after the changes are made.

If you need us to make the editing changes for you, "Click Here". Editing cost: $50, includes editing out the potential offensive content, adding a beep or silencing any potentially offensive language, etc.

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Copyrighted Material

Some video reels contain content that, due to licensing or copyright constraints, you are unable to submit for broadcast.  If some of your reel contains content that you are permitted to broadcast, along with content that you are not permitted to broadcast, the unauthorized content will need to be removed before your video can air.  But, if you need us to edit out certain content from your reel for you, "Click Here".  Editing cost: $50, includes the removal of the content that needs to be removed for broadcasting.  We can also rearrange your remaining clips upon your request.

If you need us to provide any of these services for you, "Click Here"

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