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Actors & Actresses!

Now it's time for your scenes to be seen around the world!

Submissions now open for you to submit your scenes, monologues, skits, etc. for broadcast on televisions around the world

on the NEW

Actors Channel TV

on Roku and Amazon Fire TV!

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Get scene by agents, managers, producers, directors,

as well as family, friends and fans around the world!

This is a FREE opportunity!  

Sponsored by Hang On To The Dream Foundation

Submission Tips & Guidelines:

- Video submissions must be HD, broadcast-quality

- Videos MUST be shot in landscape (horizontal) mode. 

No vertically shot videos will be accepted. 

- Videos should be family-friendly, "PG" at the most. 

No nudity! No major 4-letter words (unless your video has the words beeped out)! 

- Videos can have a slate at the beginning and at the end with

your name, your website address, your agent or managers name and website address, and/or your social media handle. 

No phone numbers are allowed on the slate!


NOTE: "Click Here" to see some important broadcasting guidelines

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To submit your content for broadcast consideration,

just complete the form below! 

Actors Channel TV Broadcast Submission Form
This is a:
Do you own this video, or have legal permission from the owner, and everyone associated with the making of this video and everyone seen in this video, to submit this video submission for broadcast?

Link to Video
As a way for us to preview your submission,
please provide a link for us to see your video submission 
(You Tube or Vimeo link only.  No nudity or extreme/excessive "4-letter words"):

Does your scene contain profanity/"4-letter words?

If yes, which words?

Tell us a bit about yourself and about this video (i.e. some of your achievements so far in your acting career, any interesting stories about the making of the video, etc.)

How did you hear about this opportunity?

                                                                           TERMS OF USE

                                                         “Actors Channel TV" Terms & Conditions

By clicking on the "Submit" button below, I confirm that I am 18 years of age or older, and that I am granting permission for my video to be played on the video platform “Actors Channel TV” on broadcast television, streaming television, internet, etc.  I agree and confirm that the video that I am submitting for broadcast is an original work created by me and/or I have the legal right, or permission from the owner of this video, to enter into this agreement and make this submission.   I agree that I am submitting this video for broadcast with no expectation of remuneration or compensation of any kind in return, and that I will not be charged for this opportunity.   By submitting this video for broadcast, and by clicking on the "Submit" button below, I agree to permit my image, voice, creative concept, and all of the contents of this video, to be played on the air over television broadcast signals, as well as the internet stream, around the world.  I also understand that portions of my video may be used to promote my appearance on “Actors Channel TV”.  I confirm that I am the owner of this video, or have the legal right to submit this video that I am submitting, and that Hang On To The Dream Foundation will not owe me, or anyone associated with this video, including, but not limited to, my other cast members, my film crew, my agent, my manager and/or my publisher, any form of compensation for broadcasting and/or promoting my video.  Further, it is understood that my video submission may be broadcast on televisions around the world and, therefore, may be seen by millions of people.  As a result of that fact, I understand that I need to exercise extreme caution if anyone contacts me with an interest in hiring me as a result of them seeing my video on television on Actors Channel TV.  I understand that Actors Channel TV, Hang On To The Dream Foundation, and any of its supporters, staff, directors, etc. are not responsible for any harm, personally or professionally, that may happen to me as a result of my video submission and its subsequent televised broadcast on Actors Channel TV.  I understand that this is an "airplay for exposure" opportunity and that the submission of my video does not automatically guarantee inclusion or acceptance of my video for placement and/or broadcast on the channel. I also understand that I retain 100% ownership of my video at all times and can request my video to be removed from airplay for any reason at any time.  I understand this to be a free opportunity to help promote up and coming actors and actresses promote their skills and talents, and that Hang On To The Dream Foundation takes pride in selecting and broadcasting videos based, solely, on the merit and talent of the artist(s) submitting the video.  Thus, it is understood that all videos must meet certain professional broadcasting criteria and Hang On To The Dream Foundation, and the TV broadcasters, reserve the right to remove, or refuse to broadcast, any video for any reason at any time.  

I confirm my agreement with the Terms of Use by placing my electronic signature in the box below:

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